The Ceiling Replacement Specialists...

If you have a ceiling held together by wallpaper, damaged by water or accident, are having spotlights fitted or are looking to achieve a clean contemporary look, we are here to help.

Our recommended approach is to “overboard" the existing ceiling. This process involves locating the ceiling/floor joists and fixing new plasterboards to the ceiling with screws, leaving the old ceiling sandwiched between the new plasterboards and the ceiling/floor joists. A scrim tape is then used to cover the joints and screw heads and the boards are left to a plaster skim finish. Overboarding means there is no need to take down the existing ceiling, resulting in less time required for the job, less mess, less landfill waste and therefore less cost for the customer.

Typically, we are able to complete an average sized domestic ceiling in a day, leaving it to be painted a couple of days later. If the room has any coving or cornice, we are able to leave this in place or remove it and replace with new if preferred. If the ceiling has extensive damage, we remove the plasterboards or lath and plaster (older ceilings), re-board and skim. If the existing ceiling has to be removed it is worth considering using the opportunity to add insulation, which we install.

We also specialise in renovating and replacing lath and plaster ceilings using traditional haired and un-haired mortars together with chestnut laths where required. This approach is often specified for listed buildings and other period properties.

Please feel free to contact me for advice about your requirements or for a free no obligation quotation